Course Objective:

The course specifically focuses on the key institutions, functions, and processes of public administration in Tanzania, aiming at enabling students to apply key theories, paradigms and approaches studied in PS 221 to the country. 


Course Description:

Building on PS 221: Public Administration, this course briefly explores pre-colonial and colonial administration in Tanzania, and then concentrates on the description and analysis of contemporary public administration structures, institutions, functions and processes in the context of the post-colonial Tanzanian state. 


Delivery:                30 Lectures and 15 Seminars

Assessment: Coursework 40 percent, Final Examination 60 percent


The following topics will be covered:

1.        History of Public Administration in Tanzania

2.        Changes in Public Administration associated with Independence

3.        Structure and Functions of the Current Bureaucracy in Tanzania

4.        Politics and Public Administration

5.        Influence of Globalization on Public Administration in Tanzania

6.        Examination of Public Sector Reforms



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* * *