PS 339: Management of Public Resources

 Course Description:                                                              

 The course intends to give the student a good grasp of the politics and process of mobilizing, allocating and managing public resources in Tanzania.  Various internal sources of government revenue will be examined with a special focus on the country’s taxation system.  The mobilization and utilization of external resources will be discussed in the context of the goal of national self-reliance and autonomy in the formulation and execution of development policies and plans.  The budgetary process – as an instrument of annual planning, resource allocation and control of public expenditure – will be analysed in a historical perspective.  Finally, by drawing on experiences of other countries, the course will discuss methods of improving the management of public resources in Tanzania.

Semester I

Delivery:            30 Lectures and 15 Seminars

Assessment:            Coursework 50 percent, Final Examination 50 percent

The following topics will be covered

1.                  States and Resource mobilization: A Historical Perspective

2.                  The State and the Economy

3.                  Internal Sources of Government Revenue and Other Resources

4.                  Tanzania’s Financial Infrastructure

5.                  Self-Help Schemes and Self- Reliance Mobilization Strategy

6.                  Resources from External Sources

7.                  The Management of Public Resources

i)        Budgetary Process

ii)      The role of Different Institutions

iii)     Corruption and Public Resources



* * *